November 27th, 2009


Green Room - Extended Thanksgiving Weekend Edition

In honor of Black Friday we've got a three for one deal going here. Three pregnancies for the price of one!!

Gather around and place your bets (or just say congratulations). The front runner in this race to the finish is alycewilson, but the two latest contenders to announce their entry in the Idol Baby Derby are serious threats to take it all as well: eggsnail and theafaye - on your mark, get set. . .

Anyone else out there looking to throw their hat into the ring?


While we are waiting for the babies to arrive, we might as well do a little reading and 'riting, although not much on the 'rithmetic. Unless of course you want to throw that in too. is where we are keeping the Free Topics this week. So go on over and add your voice into the pile, or just read and comment to the people who are showing up even if they don't "have" to do it.


*looks into the bags that you are carrying* So, find any good deals?

Is it perhaps a birthday present for our very own comedychick?