November 25th, 2009


Green Room - Week 5 - Day 9

Voting this week: is coming in for a landing later today.

Who will win? Who will lose? Who is the Mole?

Sorry, wrong show.


So what are you doing today - other than posting that Muppet Bohemian Rhapsody video? Seriously, is there *anyone* who didn't post that yesterday? ;)


Happy Birthday to our very own lynxypoo and misalady!

Results - Week 5

The end of the poll means that it's time to say goodbye.

This time around, during the poll, two contestants who needed to spend more time on RL issues decided to bow out of the competition. applespicy and js_africanus, two very talented writers, are gone. Their presence in the game will certainly be missed.

EDIT TO ADD: little_skip has just informed me that due to real life issues that she must also bow out and leave us.

Now for the rest

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Free Topic(s)

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, a time for coming together and giving thanks for what you have. It's one of the many days for this sort of thing, traditionally speaking, but of course why not combine all of the gatherings and festivities into one stop shopping! :)

Hopefully one of the things you will be thankful for is that today I am announcing a FREE TOPIC

A free topic is completely optional. There will be no vote.

It is also open to any and all who wish to post their entry to this thread. You DO NOT have to be a current contestant to submit a Free Topic entry.

In this particular case, there are two Free Topics.

The traditional

Giving of Thanks

and the less traditional


You can write one or both. Have fun with them.

For the sake of having a deadline (and giving people an idea of when the next REAL topic might be posted) let's say Monday November 30th at 1pm EST.

(as usual for topic threads of any kind, please *only* post a link to this thread.)