November 20th, 2009


Green Room - Week 5 - Day 4

Good morning.

Entries are continuing to come in at:
make sure to get yours in, and check out the ones already there! Some good stuff already.

I saw a comment yesterday in the Green Room remarking how writing their entry was like a weight lifting off their shoulders, that the act of talking about it "outloud" proved to be cathartic. Writing can be a form of personal therapy as much as it is just plain ole individual expression.

How is it for you? Therapeutic or shits and gigles? A combination of both, depending on the topic? Maybe it's just a place to put some extra words you had hanging out at the house, taking up space and eating your snack food?

Some sad business to take care of today. Due to RL issues, edith_jones will be leaving us. We wish her the best and hope that life manages to right itself soon. This is just another example of why this "real life" is overrated! ;)