November 3rd, 2009


Green Room - Week 3 - Day 2

Good morning.

The new topic has been posted:

Make sure to go over the to results entry and say goodbye: - it's easy to assume that it's not going to be you next. But only 1 person is going to end up being right about that. If this past round of voting didn't teach you that anything can (and usually will) happen, I'm not sure what it's going to take.


I'm on my way out to vote this morning. Hopefully the rest of you in the US (I have no idea when damn foreigners* have their elections, or if they just are given their leadership by a random selection of sheep.** But if there is an election in your area I hope you are going out to take part in it.***

(* Damn Foreigners, for those who don't know, is defined as "anyone who does not live in my apartment". **The actual election procedure where agirlnamedluna lives. *** unless you are too young to vote, which there are a couple people here who are. Or perhaps legally dead. Which, there are some current contestants who might qualify for this as well. Damn zombies! :) )


Happy birthday oberonia!


So, what is going on with you today?

The First Boom

If you were gazing skyward for a shoe to start falling toward you, here is the first of them.

For the next couple of weeks we have a special incentive plan lined up for you.

I commented the other day, during the poll, that events were actually fitting in nicely with what I had planned. This is one of those things!

Starting *this week* byes are going to mean a little something more.

The tribe with the FEWEST BYES taken each week will be given TRIBAL IMMUNITY.

Yes. You read that right. NO ONE in the tribe will be leaving.

If it's a tie, the immunity goes to whichever tribe gets in their entries first.

"Bye out"s will not be factored in, for those wondering, since they technically take place before the poll is posted. (The people hanging on that edge of that are roughly evenly distributed anyway)

You want incentive to look after, and encourage, the other members of your tribe? Here it is.
Save yourself, by encouraging them.