October 30th, 2009


Voting - Week 2

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Trick or treat?

It's not only the demand disguised as a question that children will be screaming at many of you this weekend, it is the question before the voters: Which treats are they going to indulge and encourage, and which entries struck them as more of a trick? Honestly though I think people are going to be hard pressed to find any tricks. This is another batch of entries that is bound to keep you quite busy this weekend with your eyes glued to the screen.

Different people have different tastes. So there really is no way to find out without putting it out there. Some people like the chocolate and other people like - well, they like other stuff. Whatever is left in the bag after you've eaten all the chocolate I guess!

There are some incredible entries this time around, and quite frankly a lot of early byes. It will be fascinating to see how that impacts the results, both now and in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, due to RL, fwtallgirl won't be continuing on this journey with us. But hopefully she will be able to make it out for the Home Game!

We will be losing the bottom vote-getter from each tribe. So make sure to support the entries that you love, and maybe, just maybe, their ghosts won't end up haunting you.*

(*OK, they probably will regardless. These folks strike me as the "haunting" type)

The polls will close Monday November 2nd at 8pm EST. (Note the end of day light savings time this weekend)

As always, you can vote for as many entries, in each tribe, as you want to support. Just keep in mind to hit "submit" after each tribe since they are all separate polls!

Good luck to everyone!

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It was too late for the poll - but for the record, there was an entry for animimi http://animimi.livejournal.com/867360.html for anyone who wants to read it.
Ditto for soundscool1 http://soundscool1.livejournal.com/3447.html
I waited an extra half hour before posting, but I am going to put it in the hands of their Tribal Leaders if they want these counted as "byes" or not.
And because all good things come in threes, a certain "I'm going to, I'm not, I'm going to" slipped by edith_jones http://edith-jones.livejournal.com/234829.html - this one is actually on me so no tribal leader decision needed. It won't be counted against her.