October 21st, 2009


Green Room - Day 6 - Week 1

Like an ouroboros accidentally biting the tail of another ourborobos we reach the final day to get in your Week 1 Topic:


Is yours in? Have you harassed your favorites to make sure they have their entries in? Have you hugged a bear? Have you hugged Huggy Bear?

So *peeks over your shoulder* whatcha doin'?

Voting - Week 1

A few words from clauderainsrm:

The first person to walk on the moon. The first to step on a rake and have it hit them in the face.

Some “firsts” are better than others.

This is our first official poll of Season 6. Which means our first eliminations are going to be taking place.

We did have our first drops: lovewas and thisgirliknow are unfortunately no longer with us. On the plus side returning contestant med_kitty was granted an exemption due to extraordinary circumstances and is joining us for the season!

At the end of our Week 0 vote, I asked the lowest vote getters to contact me. Almost all of them did. ;)

They were then asked to select fellow contestants to be on their “tribe”. The tribes are named after the contestant who selected them. It’s the ultimate in “choose your own adventure”, getting to pick the people you would be directly competing against.

There are 6 polls this time around. Each of them should be treated as its own entity. (For those new to polls – click on the “submit” button *before* moving on to the next poll! You can also go back and edit your vote to change it to vote for additional entries until the polls close)

The bottom vote getter *in each poll* will be eliminated. Which means we will be saying goodbye to 6 contestants this week.

You can vote for as many contestants in each poll as you want! So make sure to read the entries and support your favorites!!!

They are counting on you to survive!

The polls will be open until Monday October 26th at 8pm EDT.

Good luck to everyone.

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Correction: latinanewschic's entry is at http://latinanewschic.livejournal.com/31648.html
and littlelessevil's entry is at http://littlelessevil.livejournal.com/469553.html An incorrect link was provided in the poll. My apologies.