October 17th, 2009


Green Room - Week 1 - Weekend Edition

I didn't write the first entry at Idol.

hilhilbean did. She was my very first assistant and was the one who pushed me to set up a community for this thing. I was just planning on keeping it in my personal journal the way it was for the first season!

*chuckles* Yeah, that wouldn't have lasted long!!

Instead we are at a milestone.

More of a "isn't that an interesting fact" than anything else. But we are here just the same.

One of the things that I told people who were wary about "signing up for ANOTHER community" back in those days was that I was going to avoid posting too often.

I would do the daily Green Room. But on the weekends it would be combined to just one to cover it. If the Green Room ever died down (as it does later in the season) and I thought people weren't using it as much, I would post it every couple of days.

Voting would be kept between lj-cuts so not to take up too much space on your friends list.

I had seen far too many communities that posted every last thing that crossed their minds, as separate posts - and I wanted to avoid doing that.

What I'm getting at is that we took a different road from so many other communities out there, one that I think has been quite successful.

And today, with this post, I am posting our *1,000th* post.

Kind of weird when you stop and think about it. In some ways it should be much higher. In others - wow.

I just wanted to point it out though, while it the season was still young, that Season 6 was already seeing some remarkable achievements numbers wise. . .

Reading what has already been submitted, I'm sure that you will be see that we are seeing some remarkable entries as well:

Thank you to everyone who over the years has made these posts worthwhile - and especially to those of you who continue to do so!! :)


I asked a few significant folks from Idol past to share some thoughts on the start of this season - and between now and when we hit the 100,000 comment mark (we actually aren't very far) I will be sharing them. The first is from our very FIRST winner tinhuviel!


What milestones are going on in YOUR life???? What stones you are tripping over as you stumble around this weekend?


Happy Birthday joeymichaels's Mom!!!