October 15th, 2009


Green Room - Week 0 - Day 4

Have you voted yet?


There is still time to come out to support your favorites!

I have to say there are some amazing entries out there to read and support. I'd say all of you really have your work cut out for you this season to keep up, if this standard continues to be the norm.

It should be fun! Well, OK, fun *to me* since I get to watch! ;)

So how are you doing today? Is your "refresh" function button broken yet????

Results - Week 0

The polls are now closed. Thank you to everyone who voted!

The following people have been. . . heh, you thought I was going to say eliminated didn't you? ;)

I said that there would be something special - and there is!

I need the following people to email me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com :


These are the two contestants, from each tribe,with the *least* amounts of votes. (except Tribe 3 where there was, appropriately enough, a 3 way tie!!!)

I will announce to the rest of you what they have received once I hear from all of them. :)

Topic - Week 1

Here we are. You've been through your first poll and are waiting for the first twist of the game!

You also have been waiting for the first actual topic of Season 6!!

So here it is.

I'm sure we have all been there at one point or another.

There are times when things work out, and times when that's just for appearances.

Times where things are resolved and times when you just end up with a handful of


As always, take the topic and make it your own.

The deadline to link your post back to this thread is Wednesday Oct 21st at 8pm EDT

Good luck and have fun!!

Note: Reminder: This thread is to be used for TOPIC LINK ONLY. All comments should go to the Green Room or the individual's LJ. Thanks!)

Reminder: For Folks who might want to use one of their two BYEs (again - screen reader folks, that's B-Y-E !) to skip this week, for whatever reason, just need to leave a message here saying "taking the bye" or "bye week" so that I will be able to mark it on the polls in time. If you miss the deadline you will automatically be listed as taking a "bye". But try to remember to post it!)