October 4th, 2009


Season 6 FAQ


Unfortunately, between the time that I came up with the idea of LJ Idol with the voting system and format of the show the idea of a "reality show" has turned from strategy based game show (Survivor, Amazing Race) into even more of an overblown personality fest for the "celebrity tabloids".

I still have a deep and abiding love for reality shows, just probably not the kind that a lot of people think of when they see the phrase these days.

Idol takes the standard writing competition and injects it with some reality show twists and pacing.

It was interesting for me starting it, because I thought for sure it was already out there somewhere. When I realized that it wasn't - I decided to create it.

Over the years elements of what we created here have spawned a series of sites here on LJ that are very much influenced by us. (Everyone involved in the creation of them has been a contestant here before starting their own version.)

The important thing though is that this is where it all started. One little idea of an multi-round elimination system for a writing competition that would keep people coming back.

Hopefully it will continue to do that.

We have been fortunate enough to make the Livejournal corporate website twice as an example of the quality that livejournal offers. Obviously there was no number bump from it, because the only people who really go there are advertisers and people in the industry.
But it was still a honor.

By signing up for Idol you are making your own part in our history and creating our future and continuing what we have built over the years. Thank you for that.

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