June 1st, 2009

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Idol Gives Back

I don't tend to do this sort of thing, but a number of former Idol contestants asked if I could mention it.

Quite a few people involved in this community have had their lives impacted by cancer. You can probably think of some of the entries about that off the top of your head.

I've done the walks for the American Cancer Society before. I'm sure other folks around here have as well.

Season two winner tru2myart and her daughters are currently doing it - and they have been involved in a "Blogging for the Cure" over the course of the weekend, joined by Idol fan-favorites moonstone_fae and fidgety
Check out their journals for some really compelling entries. My contributions were basically to threaten people!*G*

If you want to give - and are able to do so - here's the links:

If you can't - that's cool too. But if you feel like it, spread the word!

Relay for Life donation page


Just a reminder - submissions are still being accepted for the LJ IDOL BOOK!!


Send in your favorite entries!