May 12th, 2009


Attention Idol

A note from the publisher:

Call for Submissions

Have you been a contestant in the Real LJ Idol? Have you ever read an entry and thought that it was so amazing, it should be in print?

Well now it’s going to happen. Fae Publishing is putting together the very first anthology of the best entries from the first five seasons of the Real LJ Idol. Official submission or home game entry, it doesn’t matter, as long as you think it’s good enough to be in print and it was linked to one of the official LJ Idol threads during the course of the competition.

Feel free to suggest entries that are not your own but you thought were outstanding, but be aware that nothing will be published without the author’s consent. There is no limit to how many entries any one contestant can submit or will be included – all we care about is that they’re a darned good read.

It is up to the author to decide whether they wish to publish under their LJ handle, real name or a nom de plume. Authors retain copyright and will receive a complimentary copy of the book in recognition of their hard work (one book per author, not per entry included). In addition, all contributors will be asked to submit two further entries, brand new for the book, one an ‘open topic’ entry and one from the list of prompts supplied by Gary. We will then choose the best of these to include in a bonus round of previously unpublished work exclusive to the book, which will also feature an interview with our very own Gary.

Please email links to the entries you wish to have considered to Submissions close 21st June 2009.