April 6th, 2009


Wrap Party/Friending Frenzy

Look! Over there!!! Isn't that ewok_626 and morning_stand finishing setting up the banquet hall??? Yes, indeed it is!

I guess they weren't trapped in a closet after all.

Who's that helping them? I dunno, but he kind of smells like he crawled out of the trash compactor.*G*

The Green Room doors are shut and locked for another season. But the banquet hall is open for one last hurrah!!

So tell your friends, tell your family, tell random strangers on the street!

It's time to celebrate another season of LJ Idol - with our usual Friending Frenzy!!

(For those not familiar with Friending Frenzies - although how you can escape them on LJ is beyond me! - if you are looking to meet some new people, just post telling a little about yourself and people can add you if they want. Think of it as a mini version of a introduction entry!*g*)

Go ahead and mingle and have some fun!!!