March 24th, 2009


Immunity - Week 26

There are times when I just tack this announcement onto the bottom of the poll.

Not this time.

This time is special. It's the *final* immunity, and guarantees someone a spot in the FINAL FOUR.

Having been selected by peers as the Spirit of Season Five, boxsofrain was given the power to grant an immunity each round, until we reached four. The only catch being that she could not give it to the same person twice, and she could not award it to herself.

This last, final round, with her selection - she made some LJ IDOL HISTORY.

She has decided to give the final immunity to


What makes this so special? He is now the FIRST MALE CONTESTANT to make it to the final four.

Thank you Spirit for making the tough decisions for the last couple of weeks, and congratulations to alexpgp! Cheers!*g*

Who will join him in the final four? Well that's up to the voters: