March 23rd, 2009


Voting - Week 26

A few words from me:

Six contestants remaining.
Two topics.
Two polls to vote in.

With only a couple days to get two entries in, on top of anything else they might be doing. (I've heard some rumors of this "having a life" thing, but I've never actually seen it. So I think it must just be one of those urban legends. Anyone check snopes?*g*)

The results speak for themselves.

And you, the voters are about to respond!

Since there are two polls I'm going to spell things out to avoid confusion. (hopefully)

The contestant who has the lowest vote total in poll #1 will be leaving us.

The contestant who has the lowest vote total in poll #2 (who wasn't already eliminated - just in case it's the same person) will be leaving us.

As always, you can vote for as many, or as few, entries as you want to support.

After this round we will be down to our Final Four.

And yes, that means that this will be the last time the Spirit power comes into play. She will be giving someone, who hasn't received it yet over the last couple of weeks, immunity and the first slot in that group of 4!!

The poll will close on Wednesday March 25th at 8pm EDT. Good luck to everyone!

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