March 22nd, 2009


Green Room - Week 26 - Weekend Edition

One of the final Weekend Editions of Season 5. Not very many Green Rooms left in general when you get right down to it.

Just a little bit more to push through until we have our winner.

Looking back to the start it's amazing to have gotten to this place. But I'll be honest, in my heart there's a part that's wondering how we could be ending already. It feels like I'm just starting to get to know people - and it's time to start thinking about bringing the cleaning crew back in to clean up the place!!!*g*

So, what have you been up to this weekend?

List of Shame - Week 26

We may be close to the end, but we still have plenty of shame to hand out!!

This this case - we have two topics worth!!

The entries we are still missing for "The End of my Rope" are from:

everyone in

and the entries we are missing from "Current Events" are from:

everyone in

(as of this posting they are the same list, the Four A Club (or perhaps "The A TEAM"?), but as they come in the names will be removed. But the shame it is ever-lasting!*g*)

Both entries need to be linked at:

by Monday March 23rd at 8pm EDT!!!