March 17th, 2009


Green Room - Week 25 - 2

Happy St Patrick's Day!

To celebrate I'm going to drive all the pagans from this Green Room!!!*G*

At work today there was a pot luck.

Apparently no one informed my co-workers that if you wanted a *really* Irish dish that they should bring in babies!
Then again, I don't work with rm, or Jonathan Swift. I imagine work would be more interesting if I did.


So what's going on with you?

Have you read any of the entries so far? Thoughts? Opinions? Random bits of paper with scribbling on it?

Vote - Week 25

A few words from me:

Tech-nol-ogy be the death of me.
It's my life, and it's my wife.

Sorry, got a little distracted there again. . .

This week's topic was "Stuck With the Luddites Again", a topic pretty much universally greeted with a "Um - Gary? What?"

I think it's a testament to the quality of these remaining 8 that they were able to find their voice somewhere inside that topic.

This time we will be losing another 2 contestants, narrowing the field even more as we continue on our journey to figure out which one of these outstanding writers will be the next LJ Idol.

The poll will close Thursday March 19th at 8pm EDT, so make sure to support your favorites and keep them around for another round! As always you can vote for as many, or few, entries as you want to support!

Good luck to everyone!

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edited to add: boxsofrain, who has been given the power to hand out immunity each week between here and the Top 4, has decided to give this week's immunity to

darkprism! Congratulations.