March 10th, 2009


Voting - Week 24

Just a few days ago a couple people, deep in a thread somewhere, brought up something that really amused me:

They pointed out that during The Month of Doom I referred to the contestant only vote as "the first" of them.

I do try to foreshadow these things. Most of the time I do it in a fairly obvious way so that people can figure it out. But remembering what must have seemed like an off-hand remark, months after the fact, as you were heading to the finish? Seriously, good job.

I *did* say that I was keeping my promises after all!!!!

BUT, like everything, it's not that cut and dry. This is a vote of the community. A specific community: The community of Season Five Idol contestants.

Can't quite remember if you were in this season?*G* The very first poll is here:

Not only is it a good refresher, it's an interesting look back at how things looked on Week 1!!! In some ways it feels like things are just getting started! But when I look back at that poll
it's amazing to see how far we have come to get to this place.

It's only fitting that those people (plus the two who entered late) are going to be making the decision on who will be taking another step forward, and who will have their journey come to an end here.

As always, people can vote for as many entries as they want. If you want to cast a vote for all 11 entries that's perfectly OK. 1? OK, but honestly I think you're missing some good stuff?

Anywhere in between? More than acceptable.

195 people with one decision to make. (yes, that does mean the current contestants get a vote - they were part of that group after all)

3 people will be leaving us this week.

You have until Saturday March 14th at 7pm EDT to *email* your choices to me at

I have pretty much everyone's email. If I don't, I might send a confirmation to your LJ account just to make sure. I will be sending "your vote has been counted" responses so you know that you votes are officially on the sheet. If you prefer to send the email via LJ instead of to my gmail, that is acceptable as well.

I gave extra voting time because I want to have the chance to get in as many of the ballots as possible. If *all* 195 votes come back before then, I will post them as soon as they are tabulated.

This is going to be a tough choice.

The entries for your consideration are:


Good luck to everyone!