March 7th, 2009


Home Game - Week 24

For those coming in late, the "Home Game" is a reference to "playing at Home". (in other words you aren't a current contestant vying to become the "Next LJ Idol", you just wanted to write on the topic!)

The idea is the same.

This week's topic is Auguries.

You write an entry, you post your link here.

You can use the deadline the contestants have if you want, or you can just link it whenever. (although people are less likely to see it if you go too far beyond the deadline).

Have fun.

Top 11 Announcement, and. . .


Our Top 11.

Have we really come this far?

We started out with *195* contestants this season. (well 193 and two joined us along the way coming in from the Home Game)

Separated into tribes and broken up into "veterans" and "newbies" we bumped our way down the road that led us here: With 5 veterans and 6 newbies!

Congratulations to you all.

But now there is something you need to do. A part of the tradition and something that isn't to be taken lightly, because it *will* impact how the rest of this competition plays out. Not "may", this *will* impact it.

Which, given that we are talking about the biggest "special power" and award that Idol contestants can give to each other, is entirely appropriate.


Just a little background on it before I get into the specifics.

Back in season two I was looking around and the dwindling ranks of the contestants wishing, like a lot of people do, that they "all could win". Obviously, that's not how these things work. People can (and often do) win in their own way, by meeting goals and having a positive experience. But I was thinking a little more specific than that.*g*

Which pretty much dovetailed into my "these contestants really do know each other better than anyone else knows them. They have been reading each other's work since Day 1 after all. They have totally different impressions on them than anyone else."

How I pitched the original award a couple seasons ago was "Man, I wish you could win. But I know you have no chance!"*G* Yeah, really nice huh?*G*

The person who won it also ended up winning the season. Shows what I know!!!

No one has done that since. But it has ended up being a lasting way for the contestants to pay tribute to one of their own, and to put a *huge* special power into the hands of one of their own to help determine how the rest of their own experience is going to go.

Not going to spell out the power until it's announced, but I will say every season it's a little different, and this one is the biggest yet.

I want the current contestants to think about your experience this season and send me a list of your *3 top choices* from your fellow remaining contestants to When you think "Season Five" who is it who stands out?

This is a big responsibility, in game terms, to put on someone's shoulders. Make sure to make the right one.

(and yes, every season I've had a pick of who I *thought for sure* was going to win the Spirit Award - and every season I've been wrong! It's going to be interesting to see how you prove me wrong this time around!*g*)

Green Room - Week 24 - Weekend Edition

newsbean said it a couple days ago: "I think that's sort of built into the competition. At the beginning, who but the other contestants *really* has the time to read so many entries? When it gets down to the top 25-ish, people start feeling like that's a reasonable number of entries to read." and I happen to think that comment just about perfectly covered things for me.

There are people who have been following, and reading pieces here and there, who don't come out and really get to read *everything* until we get to this point. There are only so many hours in the day after all and if you don't have the personal investment of being involved in what is going on there is a good chance you are just going to skim.

Which lead me into malruniel11's comment "I kept double checking whose entry I was reading because it just felt totally different and new and wow. I'm going to have to rethink where I have people in my own private ranking bracket."

Because I think that very much happens at this point where people, if they are taking a step back from what they might have thought even a few weeks ago, are stepping back with new eyes and seeing some really incredible work being done.

They aren't the only new readers out there. There are plenty of folks who might never have had the chance to read an Idol entry before. Some of them came in to support a specific person. Some of them came in because they didn't like a specific person. Some came in because they liked a specific person that someone else didn't like!*G*

Regardless of the reasoning, they are here now, and it's my hope that they are taking the time to sit down and read the new entries as they are coming in (and reading/participating in the Home Game. Some excellent stuff has been going on there in the last few weeks as well). Because I know that when they do, I know that they are going to enjoy themselves.


Speaking of people who read everything, and has the spreadsheets to prove it -

Happy Birthday to spydielives!!!

Hope your day is wonderful, even if we are going to be removing an hour from it!*G*


Which reminds me that deadlines are now EDT rather than EST. So "certain people who like to skirt along the edges of the deadline" need to be paying attention. Got that agirlnamedlistofshame?


Also, I updated the elimination post with some goodbye messages if anyone is interested:

Continuing to add things to the post. I completely forgot that it was brought to my attention that there apparently is some sort of "your community is in danger from a virus!" email circulating involving LJ. Apparently it's a fraud.
So nothing to be concerned about here as far as that goes. Now *other type of viruses* you might come in contact with in your personal life - you're on your own there!

So, what have *you* been doing this weekend?