March 6th, 2009


Eliminations - Week 23

It's that time again.

Time to say goodbye.

Time for me to post a bunch of names and then come back later and figure out just what exactly I can say. How to sum them up in a way that I feel is fitting.

Sometimes it's straight forward and I know what to say right away. Other times, it takes awhile.

I have a feeling this group, and every one to come, is going to take awhile.

Each step we take is closer to the finish line and each step we take the number of people we take with us in the game is a little less.

But I'm hoping that they will remain with us to see this thing to that end, because all of them have been a part of what has made this experience what it has been for *all* of us.


Goodbye to

az_starshine: It's kind of strange for me to be talking about someone who I *know* is a veteran, but doesn't "feel" like one. Someone that I *know* is good, but I always find myself surprised when I actually
sit down and read their entries. Maybe it's a selective memory thing, or maybe you're just one of those people who kind of sneak up when people aren't looking.

Someone consistently good with flashes of "wow" that seem to be getting more and more intense as time goes on.

I like how it seems like there are layers being peeled back with you, piece by piece, in your writing.

Not sure how accurate that is, just the feeling I've gotten from seeing you over the course of a couple seasons now.

bewize: Here's where I admit it - when I saw your link/subject line my first thought was "She's dropping out????" "So Long and Thanks for All The Fish", well it sort of leads my brain in that direction!
(There was a pretty good chance you were hitching a ride with the dolphins!!)

I was really happy to see that it wasn't the case. I think your stuff is absolutely incredible.

Not even entirely sure what to say other than in a Gary-only vote I would to clumsily kicking myself
for having to boot someone else that I really enjoy. Who? I honestly don't know. I haven't given it much thought. Heh, maybe I would have made an executive switch to a top 12 or something.*G*
(OK, things tend to be planned out a lot more than that, but the impulse is there!*g*)

You're damn right people would notice a Bewize-shaped hole. I just hope we won't end up with one here.

edith_jones: Tosh.
If it wasn't for the run off last week, and people remembering those gophers, you would have never had that name! It's funny how things work out. Now that name is pretty much stuck in my head when it comes to you.
Heh. Hope you don't mind. I just think it sums you up quite nicely.

I'll freely admit that I *did* notice you early on. I thought you had a lot of potential but I wasn't sure which way it was going to go, or how people were going to receive it.
There were *a lot* of people after all, and most of them were trying to get the attention of everyone else.

You didn't seem to do that though. You just sat back, kept getting better and better and as the field dwindled you received more attention naturally. I don't know if that was planned or just how you are. I'm going to guess it's "just how you are".
But it did seem to work for you.

Honestly, you couldn't have gone much further than you did, without wiping out some of the other "Damn Foreigners" in the group. There is only a certain amount who can get into the Top 11 and unfortunately you were in the last in that line.

Sorry, but it's sort of what you get!!*G*

Seriously though, you're one of my favorite "new people" and writers in general that I've gotten to know during the course of this season. I think we have benefited from you as much as you say you got from us.

Suffice to say I think hexkitten is a lot of people's personal kryponite.

I won't completely agree with theafaye who named a specific point she thought you would get to, but I also won't disagree.

I really enjoyed your entry this week and I know a lot of other people did as well. (looks around - *Gary only voting* - believe!!!*G*)


I'm glad that I saved yours to write last because it gave me the time to remember a story that I wanted to pass along:

Hopefully everyone knows by now that your "best writer EVER!" is someone else's idea of a hack which means that I come across comments all the time about how they can't understand how (fill in contestant name) is even still in this!!

I've seen some of my personal favorites over the course of several seasons names put in that blank, so I'm used to it.

Earlier this season I actually saw *yours*. Someone didn't like your entry and thought you were a bit overhyped.

I was pretty shocked, but as I said, I'm sort of used to people just not seeing the same thing that I am seeing.

So we flashforward to a couple weeks ago, and the *same person* refers to you as one of their *favorites*.
That's actually one thing that I don't see enough of, it happens, but I don't see enough of it admitted. When someone might not be the biggest fan *turns into one* over the course of weeks. Over the course of time being exposed to your writing it finally clicks with them with and they get to see what everyone else is seeing!

Oh, and boobies. (Because no hexkitten comment would be complete without saying it.*G*)


I've seen that Tosh has already posted a goodbye message and I'm sure she's waiting until I get this posted so she can link it.

AZ is no doubt counting up the votes to decide which worthy charity is going to be receiving a very generous gift.

Bewize is stapling something. Not that she has a new black swingline stapler. . .

and of course HK is probably deleting those pictures off her hard drive now that she doesn't *have* to post them!!*G*

The only thing left to do (well, before I come back and add comments!) is to thank you all. Thank you so much for coming out this season and playing.

Now it's just hitting post and letting everyone else say goodbye as well. . .