March 4th, 2009


Voting - Week 23

A few words from me:

Some days are better than others. So are some things.

Which I believe is where we came into this week! The topic was "The Best Thing", and I think we have a pretty solid collection of them to chose from.

15 distinct writers with 15 compelling stories to tell.

15 - Who are about to become 11.

That's right, with your help, as voters, we are about to lose the bottom four.

The poll will close Friday March 6th at 9 pm EST. This is still very much an open race for the top, so if you want your favorites to make it to the next stage, I would highly suggest supporting them. Read the entries, pick your *favorites* and then vote! (and as usual, you can vote for as many of them as you want!!)

Tell your friends*. Tell your family*. (*provided of course they have valid LJ accounts.*g*) One of these 15 amazing writers is going to be the next LJ IDOL!!! It's up to *you* to determine who that is going to be!

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