March 3rd, 2009



It was a back and forth struggle all day. Honestly I half expected to find out that we would need to have a run off of the run off!!

Anyone who missed their "Mac and Tosh"-like routine to enter into officer positions for each other's fan club should go back and read the comments in the entries themselves as well as the vote thread:

I couldn't have been more happy to see them go toe to toe, and yet sadder that it meant that we would have to lose one of them.

And unfortunately it is that time.

We are saying goodbye to


First I have a special message just for her:

But for the rest of us, who might not have been able to make out that above message, there's a few other things I want to say:

Most veterans know this already, but those new around here might not. When I first met imafarmgirl back in Season 3 she was my personal "week 1" favorite to win it all. I thought she had a really good shot at it. There was just something special about her, and about her writing that I thought "had it".

In general, I think she's continued to get better over the course of the last couple of seasons. There were a couple, to me, rough spots this season. Again, other people disagree with that, but there were.*g*

Overall though I think she's managed to dig deeper into herself and her personal narrative and has continued to find ways to make people connect through it and it's been amazing to watch it happen over the course of time.

It's funny, because imafarmgirl didn't even sign up for the season! She was brought in part way through. I'm really glad that she was, because I think we missed her as much as she was missing us!*g*

Thank you imafarmgirl for a wonderful ride this season! (and I know, even if you say you won't, that sooner or later we will probably be seeing Home Game entries from you anyway! *kicks you - Oh, and welcome to the jury!*g*)

Green Room - Week 23 - Day 2

Happy Square Root Day!

Oh, and since it is now official Congratulations to The Top 15!!!


A comment that I've seen repeated recently is just how difficult it is at times to get a discussion started on writing.

The ones that do get started tend to devolve quickly into how so and so sucks, how no one wants constructive criticism and/or where is the pie, and how can I can some?

Who are your favorite writers and what do you think other people can learn from them?

It's a general, open ended question. But I figure if you are going to get the ball rolling it should be down as wide of a path as possible!*g* I also always think it's intriguing to see the differences of one person's ideas of "good writing" and someone else's. Because taste tends to be a very subjective thing. Where we differ is as fun to see as where different people are going to come together and agree.

Oh, and because I forgot to say this earlier - something everyone can agree on:
Happy Birthday to worldofcharlie and canadian_diva!