March 1st, 2009


Week 23 Topic

Good afternoon. Sorry for the delay.

There is only one topic for this week.

Hopefully it will be a fun one though. Knowing you guys I'm sure you'll manage to turn it into just about anything!*g*

The topic is The Best Thing.

Deadline to have your entry linked back here is Wed March 4th at 7pm EST.

To clarify on the run-off: The run-off topic is only for those two people. Whoever survives will also need to make *this* deadline as well! (however anyone *wanting* to write on either for the Home Game is more than welcomed to do so. There will be a thread for that in the next couple of days)

Eliminations - Week 22

Because one storm wasn't enough, several (seen and unseen) converged on a single spot this weekend.
To make life even more interesting for me, there were some pretty major "Computer Fail!" moments that meant that I could not respond to everything, and everyone, in the way that I would have normally wanted.

If you were one of the people who called yesterday when I was trying to deal with the computer issues- I'm sorry for questioning your parentage.*G*

I'm on a stable system right now though, with a "fix" for my laptop that should mean that I will be up and running in no time.

Thanks for your continued patience.

One of the things that you have been waiting on was the new topic, so I posted that right away. But this, in it's way, is just as important -

Officially saying goodbye to some truly memorable individuals and talented writers.

Usually I do this fairly randomly, but in this case I'm going to handle them in the order of the length of time I have known them! Why? *shrugs* Because I can!*G*

brightflashes - Oh god, that icon. When you first showed up at the tail end of Season 4 I actually thought "She is going to drive people nuts next season!!!" You seemed very likable and energetic. I hadn't seen any of your writing at that point or know a single thing about you other than "Wow, she's excitable".*G*

You certainly proved to be a lot more than that!

During the course of the season you're one of the people that I've been lucky enough to get a chance to interact with more. (sometimes not always under the best of circumstances, but a chance to get to know people is a chance to get to know them in my book)

I know some of it was pacing, but I think as the season went on you started to find your voice, and it seemed (to me anyway) pieces of yourself. I always say that people are going to walk away from the experience is going to be decided by what they decided to put in. You want to have a fun time. You are going to have it. You are going to use the time and practice to push yourself and your writing? You're going to get that.

I'd say you probably did more of the across the board experience, in as many ways as one person can fit into one season. Thank you for letting us experience that with you.

walkertxkitty - Of the three I probably "know" you the least. But I kind of think that's how you prefer it. People know just exactly as much as you want them to. . . but I can say that what I do know has always struck me as one of those pillars of strength and dependability. I'm not just talking about your personality either. I think it comes through in your writing as well. Regardless of where we were in the competition, or whatever else that was going on, I knew that I would be able to just pull up a bar stool and have a cyber sit down in your LJ and be swept away somewhere else, into someone else's life for a little bit.
Since I did know a bit more than most about what was going on, I've probably been "looking for the decline" more than other people. So I've seen a few things that I thought were you getting tired. But heck, going toward 6 months I'd be hard pressed to point to *anyone* not showing a bit of wear and tear at times.
I was surprised at your choice of entry, but in retrospect it makes sense. You went out on your own terms, working with something that is going to be a part of a larger work. You did it, and every week, on your own standards and your own terms and I don't think there's anything better you can say about a person than that.

spydielives - It's about freaking time!!! Geez woman! What - were you trying to win this thing or something?*G*

3 seasons in a row. I'm know for a fact that there have been people who have thought you were at very least quasi-official. But it sort of got to the point of "You know where we keep the glasses - help yourself, and get one for the other people while you're at it!"*G*

It's weird. I almost *can't* write a proper "good bye" to you because pretty much anything I would want to say I've already said to you at one point or another!

I'm thrilled though that Idol could be a part of your journey, and in finding your voice. Taking that step and doing something with it - that's major and I couldn't be happier to see you doing it. I think you're going to end up pleasantly surprised at the number of things you've picked up that will actually be helpful in being successful.

Continue to find yourself, and hone your craft. (*waits for hexkitten, Charlie or perhaps SHT to reference wanting to "hone someone's craft"*)

Thank you for 3 wonderful seasons, and I look forward to seeing where you will be going next! (and the 3 season runs to come from the voices in your head!!!*G* Oh come on - like I wasn't going to say that!*g*)