February 28th, 2009

Dear LJ
  • kithan

Week 22 Eliminations and Run-Off

Hello, your friendly neighborhood tech support here.  In case you've forgotten me.  ;-)

clauderainsrm 's technical issues have left me with the sad duty of announcing this week's eliminations.  I'll be minding the store until his issues are resolved. (His technical issues....)

From the Achilles' Heel group, we are saying goodbye to brightflashes  and spydielives .

From the Scapegoat group, we are saying goodbye to walkertxkitty and...  we have a run off between edith_jones  and imafarmgirl to determine who gets the final position in the Top 15!

There are new rules for the run-off this week.  And they are...  Gary is giving you a topic and you have until Monday at 1pm EST to post a link to your entry back here!  And your topic is...  *drum roll* ...  Making Fire.

It's sad to see eliminations every week and as we go on it just gets harder and harder.  Gary will be around tomorrow to say nice things about you all.  Goodness knows, I rarely have nice things to say about anyone.  ;-)

Hopefully in a few weeks, once I'm down to only one job, I'll be around a lot more.  Be warned!

Also, I have made bacon today.