February 21st, 2009


Green Room - Week 21 - Weekend Edition

Good morning.

I was thinking about a comment that I've read in the past and just saw again recently. (It's always funny how the "original thoughts" tend to recycle themselves season to season.*g*) It was about how you have to spend a lot of time in the Green Room in order to do well in Idol.

So then I looked back over the course of the last 21 weeks and realized that there are only, what 4 of the Top 21 who are frequent Green Room participants. Everyone else pops their head in and talks a little, but not anywhere near what the implication has been!!!

Heh, and of course *I* would rather people be talking more in the Green Room!*g* But that's me! I want people to comment in the Green Room, each other's entries and join the community!! These are a few of my favorite things. . . *looks around nervously, afraid that the hills might actually be alive with the sound of music. Alive, and HUNGRY.* (I've heard that the hills have eyes after all!)

So anyway - here we are again. Dancin' neath the starry sky. Or late morning/early afternoon one at least!

How are you guys doing?

What do you have planned for your weekend - other than reading and voting for some AMAZING entries???

THIS SPOT HERE RESERVED FOR IMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT. Coming as soon as I get that last vote. Sorry I had to run some errands!*g*

The winner of this week's immunity - and thus safe from the vote this week is:


Congratulations, Welcome to the first member of our TOP 19!, and once again, thank you to the Jury.