February 20th, 2009


Voting - Week 21

A few words from me:

This week was about making choices.

Most people caught onto that, and the implications, right off, and I think the ones who "didn't" were probably just humoring me!

The two topics were "Getting Involved" and "Flying" and whatever topic you picked that was what tribe you ended up on!

Interestingly enough, the way people selected their topics it ended up being as close as you can get to even tribes given that we have an odd number! I'm not sure if it's coincidence, how a particular topic struck someone, if the folks at the end spread themselves out on purpose! Whatever the reason, here we are now - about to make a choice of our own.

And this choice is a big one - fortunately it's one where there doesn't seem to be a "wrong answer".

Regardless of what happens this week *we will be losing some extremely talented writers and people who I genuinely enjoy having around*. It's true (almost) every week. (heh... oh come on, I'm sure *you* have had a few over the course of five seasons where it's been more of a "OK - they're gone" than hand-wrangling too!!!!*G* Seriously though, I've got to admit this season in particular has been some difficult boots from right out of the box and that is entirely to a credit to the people who signed up this season. Thank you again.)

Anyway - getting back to the point - the decision before us is simple. We read the entries, then come back and vote for the ones that are our favorites. As always you can vote for as many, or few, of them as you like. But I'll be frank - this time around voting for 1 or 2 people. . . yeah, you obviously haven't read the rest of them and are REALLY the one losing out. Because the entire field is *strong* and possessing their own distinctive voices.

Our decision becomes even more difficult in that, in each tribe, we will be losing the bottom 2. That's a total of 4 of our Top 23 will be crossing over to the Home Game at the end of this poll.

To make things a little more interesting, the poll closes Sunday Feb 22nd at 6pm EST. Note the day and time. Folks who have been around will be nodding because they have been wondering when the deadlines were going to start shifting around and figured this was probably about the week. Folks who haven't been expecting it - well, you have one less day to get the word out.

Good luck to everyone.

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