February 19th, 2009


Green Room, Week 21, Day 4

Is it just me or has this week just flown by?

For me at least it's been like hitting a chimp with a shovel. It happens so quickly and doesn't end up doing any good.


Have you been reading the entries submitted so far this week?


I'm usually impressed but so far this is looking like it's going to be the toughest call yet. Which considering that we are close enough to the top 20 to touch it, I'd say is appropriate.


So - *peeks through the computer and out through yours* - are you *really* wearing that today? Seriously????

Oh come on, you don't need to be doing *that*!! Geez.*g*

List of Shame - Week 21

Less than 24 hours to go and here we are at another of our weekly shamings.

As things get closer and the deadlines get tighter together, I do wonder how many folks we will see still on the lists?*g*

Then again, selecting one of the two topics is an important choice and anyone who has read the entries already submitted knows that they are going to have to *deliver* to make it another week.

That said - the folks who still need to turn in their entries are:


The last entry that I saw was from amandakcampbell

and just because: mermaidkween - FEEL THE SHAME!!!!!