February 14th, 2009


Immunity - Week 20

Our first jury of the season actually beat the deadline and in keeping with the theme of how different people have different opinions - the results were a mixture of almost every single contestant!

I gave them each *five picks* for their favorite entries of the week, and they came back with them.

1 name came out of the process though, capturing a spot on 5 out of the 6 ballots and showing that sometimes risk can indeed pay off!

Congratulations to amandakcampbell. You are now immune from the vote and are the first member of our Top 23!

Green Room - Week 20 - Weekend Edition

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday to our own monkeysugarmama!!!

I am going to go out there this week and pimp an entry!!

That's right. Me. Telling you to read an entry - *cue controversy* - http://yuki-onna.livejournal.com/434149.html

It's about Valentines Day and I saw someone pimp it on my own FL. So I figured I would share it with the rest of you in case you missed it! (her FL is pretty huge, so for all I know every last one of you are on it!!*g*)

I thought it was interesting at least.


Speaking of interesting. I have some FAQ bits that have come up today that I was going to clarify anyway to the "general public" but my time time just got moved up a bit!*G*

How to "embed the poll".

It's basically just a fancy way of linking it.

You go to the poll itself. See that number? Poll #_____?
Add that number into
< lj-poll-_____ > and post it.

(close those brackets first though. I just realized that it didn't show up the first time because LJ read that as code instead of instructions on how to post code!*g*)

It's not "a cheat". It's more of a remote voting or express lane. You might get some more votes, but since they ultimately come back to the central location anyway they all register where I can see them anyway!

Also, if you click on "poll #" on the poll itself and then "fill out poll" you can change your vote if you decide "oops I voted for the wrong person!" or you realize that they kind of smell like a hippie!!

The first one is an LJ "glitch" that was apparently fixed before but not everyone knew about - and the second is something I think most people who have ever filled out a poll before might have come across but it's always good for a reminder.


That bit of housekeeping out of the way - how is your Valentines Day going?