February 13th, 2009


Green Room - Week 20 - Day 5

It's kind of interesting (well to me anyway) that growing up I used to have some of my *best* days on Friday the 13th!

But I got up this morning already feeling pretty crappy and started to post the Green Room and suddenly remembered the date and went "Oh, yeah - no wonder!"

(especially since I'm supposed to have my review at work today!)

I wonder when that transition happened.

Or if it's just one of those things and as a kid I went out of my way to *think* of it as a good day, and it became a self fulfilling prophecy, whereas as an adult things are *usually bad* so of course it's bad on that day too!*G*


Whatever the case - welcome to Friday. Poll day.

How are *you* doing?

Voting - Week 20

A few words from me:

(image: an unfolded note. text: "I like you. Do you like me? Will you be my Valentine? Yes! No. Maybe.)

As we set off into Valentines Day weekend, there's a lingering question: "Who do you love?"

Or more to the point - which entries this week have made you laugh and cry, growing closer together as you stood together in the surf clasping hands, neither one of you wanting to let go?

Who will no longer be whispering sweet Idol entries into your ear after this week?

There will be 5 of them going home this week, and once again, it's not going to be easy. But love has a way of winning out in the end.

You have until Monday Feb 16th at 7pm EST to savor those delicious entry bonbons and smell the roses of their poetry and prose and ultimately, to make your decision.

Good luck to everyone!

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