February 9th, 2009


Green Room - Week 20 - Day 1

*peers back outside*

There is this bright thing in the sky that has been there since I got up to go to work this morning. It's not usually there.

I've seen it on the weekends, but I know that it's not usually there on weekdays coming to or leaving work.

Quite frankly it's kind of freaking me out!!

Is it a friend? Foe?

What does it want? Why does it just keep hanging there all shining and giving off heat?

What is it up to?

As jenandbronze would say "have it been up to, what?"


Just glancing at the polls this morning I can tell that this week is going to be another hard one. Who do you feel isn't getting the attention they deserve? (keeping in mind that for every person that moves up it's going to move someone else *down*)

Eliminations - Week 19

When I looked over the list of the contestants leaving us this week I realized that they were all people that I liked a great deal and wanted to stick around.

But then I looked over the list of people *not* leaving and realized that it was pretty much impossible for their *not* to be a list of people that I liked and wanted to stick around.

Fortunately though, these 6 contestants might be leaving the game, but they *won't* be completely leaving us!!

*Notices the raised eyebrows*

The following 6 contestants have been eliminated from the contest - but are now crossing over to the other side as THE FIRST MEMBERS OF OUR JURY!!!!!

For those who don't know what that means - from now until I say otherwise (heh) - every week the jury will be casting votes handing out immunity!!

From "out of the game" to being some of the most powerful influences on how the contest will play out in one easy step.

That being said, the first 6 members of the jury are:


Goodbye - and welcome to the jury!!!!