February 6th, 2009


List of Shame - Week 19

Apparently one of the things we're having for breakfast is some good old fashioned shame!!!*G*

The following still need to get their entries in:


last entry that I saw was from <tsarina and of course any playing the Home Game who hasn't turned in something yet - just go ahead and consider yourself on the list too!*G*

Voting - Week 19

A few words from me:

Thank you for coming.

As you know, these are tough economic times and the management has spent the last couple of weeks crunching the numbers trying to find creative ways to stretch our departmental budget.

Unfortunately it has been determined that this week we will be continuing to right size our contestant list in order to maximize labor costs.

Six positions are going to be eliminated from our writing force this week.

The good thing though is that *you* will be given the opportunity to chose who will stay employed at the LJ Idol Corporation and who will be receiving a copy of the Home Game and a life time supply of virtual Rice-a-Roni.

The six with the lowest vote totals when the poll ends on Monday Feb 9th at 7 pm EST will be eliminated.

There are a lot of really cool entries this week, and anyone going home at this point is going to be hard. They all are quite talented. This isn't going to be an easy vote. I doubt any of them from now until the end are. . . congratulations to everyone for making it to this point, and good luck to you all!

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NOTE: the correct link for thenodrin is http://thenodrin.livejournal.com/88791.html

Sorry about that.