February 2nd, 2009


Green Room - Week 19 - Day 1

Good late morning/early afternoon.

Sorry for the delay today in the Green Room, I was just enjoying my Six Pack!!!!*

(* for those non football inclined folks (*kicks you*) I am of course referring to the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers now have 6 Super Bowl rings, more than everyone - and of course that I've spent the whole morning drinking heavily.*G*)

So what are *you* doing today? Besides wondering what the Legacy of Doom will be?

Eliminations - Week 18

Another sad day around here - we are saying goodbye to 4 contestants.

The fifth one - well I'll be posting about that in a few minutes but for now we are losing four, I can honestly say that these four all were people who caught my attention early on and that I hoped would do well this season. . .

I'd say out of a group of 193 that finishing in the Top 40 is doing pretty darn well!!!

Still, it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye. You always hope that they might be able to get just a little bit further. . . but I hope that looking back that they will be able to say that they were at least able to enjoy the experience. I know that I enjoyed having them here:


I very much hope to see you guys around here and that you will be playing the Home Game!

The Special Power/Elimination

As of the last vote -

I'm suspending it until next elimination. We will be adding *one* spot to it.

But what you may ask happens to that special power that would be given to the person with the most votes and the person with the last - I'm giving it ALL OF THEM.

Why? Because as I said when I announced it this is a very special power.

It is the first time it has ever been used in Idol. . . but it was something that people have asked - in some cases *begged* me to implement.

rm won the most votes hands down. So she gets it.

and the tie for least votes was between:


So congratulations to all of you.

How many times have you read "NOT SO AND SO!!!!' during elimination times?
Constantly, and the people saying it always mean it too because the attachments between contestants in the trenches together become so strong.

How many times of "I wish that had been me instead of you" - not as many but still quite a few. I've gotten emails over the past few seasons asking me if they could give someone else their spot. . . and I've had to tell them no. Because that just wasn't how things worked.

This power is very straight forward (and yes, someone did actually impress me by calling it a couple days ago!)

You get the power to each bring back *1* contestant who was eliminated from this season.
There it is, pretty simple right. You think someone shouldn't have been eliminated - you bring them back.

Ah, but there's always a catch. It wouldn't be a proper Idol special power if it didn't. The power is called Sacrifice and it is just that.

You have the option to bring in a player who has been previously eliminated - but they are taking your spot. It's a switcheroo elimination style. . .

If you feel strongly enough to want to bring someone back - you can. If you don't,I really doubt that anyone is going to hold it against you for wanting to keep your spot in the game.

But for the six of you - for the first time in Idol history - that decision is now yours.

Email me your decision by tomorrow, Feb 3rd at 7pm EST. My email address, in case you don't have it handy, is clauderainsrm@gmail.com

Home Game Entries - Week 19

You asked - I said that it would be coming in time.

You pleaded - I said "wait for it".

Now it's here. So hopefully you are actually going to use it!*g*

What is this?

For those who don't know, a Home Game Entry is an entry on the current week's topic from someone not currently in the competition.

Maybe you were eliminated and want to write on the topic. Maybe you just came across Idol too late to sign up.

Whatever the reason - HERE is a place to post it.

The topic this week is Blanket.

Just as a reminder - the only thing that should be going into this thread is a Home Game Entry. Comments on the entries should be made on the entries themselves. Also, entries from current competitors need to be going into the *TOPIC THREAD*. Not here, ok?*g*

That said, feel free to link your Home Game Entries for this week to this thread!

Have fun!