January 30th, 2009


Voting - Week 18

A few words from me:

The Month of Doom is coming to an end.

But it's not what you think.

The month started with us losing 6 contestants. Then came 8. Then 10. Last week it jumped to 14.

This week it is the staggering total of *5*.

You were expecting some other number perhaps?*G*

Doom to that expectation!!!

We also have the debut of a brand spanking new *special power*. Or rather power(s) because I will be handing out *two* of them. Unlike a lot of times I'm even going to come right now and tell you that I will be giving them to the person with the *most* votes and to the person with the *least amount of votes who is not eliminated*. Regardless of how the people receiving these chose to use them, calling it a potential game changer is an understatement. The impact could very well be huge!

For now though we have the actual process of voting.

Some really interesting entries this time around and I'm quite sure everyone is going to have a favorite or 40!*g* The only way to make sure your favorites get to the next round though is to vote for them!!

We have come so far, and yet in a lot of ways there is still a lot of game in front of us too! I'm really looking forward to seeing how this all ends up shaking out, and who will be selected as the NEXT LJ IDOL!!!!!!!

The poll is a regular every day old poll (you don't have to join the community to vote, although if you want to that's never a bad thing!*g*) will close Feb 2nd at 7pm EST and as I said, the 5 contestants with the lowest amount of votes will be leaving us. Make sure it's not *your favorites*.
Good luck to everyone.

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