January 26th, 2009


Green Room - Week 18 - Day 1

Today is a sad day.

We're still waiting for 1 of 9 Gatekeeper votes, but in a way it doesn't matter how they end up voting. Because losing 14 contestants today is going to *hurt*. All kidding aside, I can't think of one contestant that I would seriously be "ok" with losing at this point. Losing 14? Yeah, that's going to be rough.

So I do want to take a moment to congratulate everyone for making it this far.

You've all done a terrific job and let's try to enjoy the rest of the day that we *know* that we have together before the biggest cut of the season takes place and we have our TOP 40.


So, other than that - how are you doing today?

The Gatekeepers

Before I get to the actual results I wanted to take a few moments to thank the Gatekeepers.

The task before you was impossible, selecting your top 25 from a field of 54 talented writers.

Your final verdict isn't going to please everyone, but it is your collective will, and I know it was hardly an easy task. Especially considering how close the vote actually ended up being.

Pulling together your opinions and seeing where they meshed and where they differed was utterly fascinating for me and I hope for the contestants and "audience" once those results are revealed.

Thank you to
Four people who should need no introduction:

Season 1 Winner tinhuviel
Season 2 Winner tru2myart
Season 3 Winner welfy
Season 4 Winner chite

as well as
Multiple season Top 10: miintikwa
Two fan and contestant favorites from Season 4: fidgety and mme_furiosa

and of course

Third place finisher in the polls, but not in our hearts Season 4's porcelain72.

and last but not least, the one person who figured out how to get on a Gatekeeper List of Shame: (as well as filling the spot reserved for someone who was voted out in the contestant only round who IMO should have stuck around longer): intrepia.

The sheer talent involved in this group of 9 is more than a little bit humbling, and I am extremely grateful that you took the time out of your busy weeks to help out Idol.

Results - Week 17

I was planning on writing up a little something on each of the 14 leaving us, but it really did come down to the wire and I know that every minute I delay in posting this is one more that people are going to be waiting and watching.

Granted, every moment I take is one more moment that I get the honor of having these people as current contestants - and I think anyone taking a look at the list would agree that it truly has been a honor.

Is this the list that I would have come up with? No.

Is it the list that any single Gatekeeper came up with? No.

Collectively, working without any knowledge of who anyone else was voting for, this was how it worked out.

Having now been introduced to the Gatekeepers I can only hope that people know it wasn't anything that happened lightly. . . and that it's the sort of call no one enjoys making. But ultimately they read the entries and voted for their 25 favorites, and those were added together and the bottom 14 were determined.


Before I say those though I want to point out the *top 5*. There is no special prize for it, but these four were so close together that not acknowledging them seems an injustice.
Especially since the first two ended up with 8/9 votes and the second three with 7/9. Which I think shows you just *how close* the rest of the pack must have been.

Congratulations go to



Now the hard part. I delayed as long as I could.

Especially since the people on here are some of my personal favorite contestants - and I know at this point that pretty much everyone left in the field is *someone's* favorite and all it takes is one entry or as one person noted a change in audience that you are writing for to shift the status quo.

With that, I'll now cut and paste the 14 user names (in alphabetic order) of the contestants leaving the game but hopefully not our presence this week:


*deep breath* *hit post*

Topic Week 18

*Checks calendar*

Still January. Still the Month of Doom for the remaining Top 40.

This week's topic isn't what you think it is.

Unless of course you think the topic is

It's Not What You Think

in which case you'd be completely right about it.*g*

Post your entry links to this thread by Friday Jan 30th at 7pm EST.

Good luck to everyone - and remember to have fun!