January 22nd, 2009


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 4

Who turned off the heat???

It's been cold the last couple of days, but I actually crunched my way across the frost covered grass this morning. Sure, it's not snow like the rest of well, pretty much everyone, is dealing with - but there's a reason why I'm not dealing with *that*, I'm trying to avoid this "winter thing".

Oh well, it's supposed to be back to the 70's by this afternoon. But still - right now, *cold*!!

How are you guys doing???

Hopefully everyone is getting in their entries, since they are due this evening!

Voting - Week 17

Maybe it took you a minute for it to sink in. Maybe a little less.

Maybe you were one of the people who has been expecting it.

Or you're one of the folks about to be caught flat-footed.

At the start of this week I told everyone to bring your A-game. I meant it. Because THE GATEKEEPERS deserve no less.

That's right - it is time for the Gatekeeper round.

Who are the gatekeepers?

Every season I mix things up by throwing in different kinds of votes to reflect different sorts of possible demographics. Open voting for everyone, community only voting, the dreaded contestant only voting that just passed and a special week called the Gatekeeper round.

Contestant only is always nerve wrecking for me because it is a chance for me to see how the contestant's are viewing the season and each other. The Gatekeeper round, wow, that's me turning the season over to a hand-selected panel and hoping that they will exercise the judgment and eye for talent that I know that they have.

Sometimes they agree with who I would have picked if it was "Gary-only voting".*G* Some times they don't - and I think in the long run the contest is better for them and their presence.

Out there in "the real world" there is usually a panel of folks judging entries for contests after all. This really isn't any different than that. Other than it's happening *here*!*G*

I've put the season in their hand now for the last couple of times - until now.

This time, I've put it in their *hands*, by doubling the size of the panel to provide an even better, IMO, look at the state of the competition.

So, your entries are in. Now you - and I - have to wait to until Monday at 7pm EST (or until the last ballot is received and counted, whichever comes first).

The first week in the month of doom we lost 6. The next we lost 8. Then we lost 10.
I'm sure you know where we are going next -

That's right - 14!! (math is hard!*g*)

Anyone making it past this point will be in the TOP 40!!!!

Good luck.