January 19th, 2009


Eliminations - Week 16

*Stops to catch breath*

On the first day someone asked me about the poll and I told them, based on what I was seeing in the trends, that it looked like you would have to get to 50 votes this time to be safe from elimination.

Apparently I was right.

This week we are saying goodbye to a mix of "old friends of Idol" and new ones. It's a very talented group of people and I hate this part of the job, but as it's been said, there is only going to be one person left standing at the end. In order to get there, sooner or later everyone else has to leave us.

That said, the 10 leaving this week are:


I can only hope that you enjoyed yourself even half as much playing as I did in having you here - and that you will continue to stick around (and maybe play the Home Game!) Managing to get to this point in a field of 195 contestants is an incredible feat.

Topic - Week 17

The bar just keeps rising and hopefully everyone is prepared to bring their "A-game" because the month of doom, it keeps on comin'!

This week though, your fate is entirely in your hands.

It's an OPEN TOPIC week!!!

Write your entries and link them back to this thread by Thursday Jan 22nd at 7pm EST. (note date and time!)

Good luck - and have fun!