January 16th, 2009


Voting - Week 16

A few words from me:
Things start out calm. They always do. One person eliminated here. One there. Or one from each tribe at least. Then maybe we go to two. That works at the start. It means people can get their footing and figure things out.

Then time moves on and that hill starts getting more of an incline until it feels like you are staring straight up into the sky, until you hit the summit and can start the run back down to the bottom.

Then the Month of Doom comes along and doom is everywhere! The doom of that moment before you hit the top and can start that final run. The uncertain moments that define how that is going to go.

The first week 6 people were eliminated.

The second was a contestant only vote where we lost *8*.

This week. . . well, you have probably did the math by now. This week we are losing the bottom 10.

Before we get to that though we have some business to take care of, some sad business. Two contestants have had to drop out this week. At this point losing anyone is hard (and this poll is going to be horrifying to watch), but having two drop out just before the poll - especially ones that I thought would continue to do quite well - it's very sad to see.

So before I hit "post" on this thing we are saying goodbye to shaze and rejeneration. Both of you are going to be missed a great deal in the competition. I hope you will be able to come around the Green Room and perhaps play the Home Game if time permits.

With that said, it's time for the poll. As I said, the bottom 10 vote getters will be leaving us this week - so if you want your favorite(s) to stay into this thing, I'd suggest making sure you actually vote for them!*g*

(Sometimes being successful with writing or anything else really is about selling books and putting butts in the seats after all.Or in this case, bringing home the votes to stay in to fight another day.)

The poll opens now and will continue until Monday Jan 19th at 7pm EST.

Good luck to everyone. With all this doom, you need it!!!

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