January 2nd, 2009


Green Room - Week 14 - Day 5


This whole "sleeping in" thing is nice. Of course come Monday it's back to my normal work schedule. But I'm trying to enjoy the time off while I can!

So how are you doing this fine Friday of Doom?


I mentioned that I was going to bring something up in today's Green Room post, if I wasn't too tired to remember! Apparently I *was*!

I know there are some fans of Season 3's runner up bettybaker out there, and for those who aren't, it's just as a matter of "you aren't yet*". She designed that nifty "Season 5 starts now" banner and over the last couple of months has created two very unique and downright interesting reads with what I can only call "Graphic Blogs".

Her new one: thesilverhollow is just starting up, and looks very promising. So if you want to go support a fellow Idoler in a creative endeavor (and get a good read out of the experience) - here's your chance!


It's also my duty to report that there have been two pre-deadline drops today/last night: beldar and bodlon. We're going to miss you!

Vote - Week 14

A few words from me:

Welcome to the first poll of the New Year!

I hope you had a nice holiday season - and now we are back to the business of finding the Next LJ Idol! Which is a whole different kind of fun! The kind of fun that keeps you up late at night writing (and reading) entries.

This week the topic was "resolute" and there were some straight forward ones on the subject of resolutions - and there were some that came at the topic from a completely different angle. All in all though this particular poll has some real gems in it to be found. So make sure you read as many entries as you can (Hopefully all of them!) and vote to keep your favorites in this thing!

Because this particular week they are going to need you more than they ever have before.

The Month of Doom has started. It's going to start slow, but it's going to build - like all good Doom.

How slow is it starting? This week we are losing the bottom two vote getters from each tribe!

Voting starts now and ends Monday Jan 5th at 1pm EST. Good luck to everyone!

Unfortunately two people did miss the deadlines. Calling them "fan favorites" would certainly be accurate. One was a newbie and one was a veteran. Both will be missed (although hopefully they will stick around these parts! Goodbye to morning_stand and shannon_elaine

Which means the "march to the Top 75" is about to become a half step!*G*

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