December 4th, 2008


Green Room - Week 10 - Day 4

Good morning.

Have you posted your entry yet? ????

With elderwoodpixie unfortunately leaving us due to real life, (I notice not before she got a "Happy Belated Birthday" out of it though!*G*) we inch closer to having lost *100* contestants! So the pressure is definitely on!

I noticed something else, for those playing the "Idol meta game": We ARE going to hit 75,000 comments. Probably early in Jan. Maybe sooner than that. Which one of you will be able to claim that prize???? (We hit 50,000 toward the end of Season 4. Which just goes to show "some people" have a lot to say!*g*)

List O'Shame

Sure, the deadline isn't until tomorrow at noon. So you still have time.

But since I had caught up with the links (and people had expressed that they missed having a list) here are the people who I have as not having posted their links/declared a bye yet.

It's a pretty big list:


the last entry I saw was winterberries

Also, those of you who *have* posted, please check your entries. I've come across no less than 5 with some sort of systems error. (EMAIL ME AT CLAUDERAINSRM@GMAIL.COM IF THIS PROBLEM IS IMPACTING *YOU*. Once I determine how widespread among contestants of a problem it is, I'll know if this needs to be addressed or not.)