November 21st, 2008


Green Room - Week 9 - Day 5

Hello TOP 100 (and assorted community members, former players supporters and groupies!*g*)

Yes, in case you missed the announcement late in the Green Room last night - YOU ARE THE TOP 100!!!!

So if you were one of the *many* folks who said that they would be happy just to get to 100 - well, here you are! What's your next goal?

The top half? That's only a couple more people eliminated. Get to the end of this vote and you'll be there!

Want to say you "beat out" *100 people*? That's within sight as well!! (We started with 193 after all!)

The byes, and immunities, end at 75. Which doesn't seem as far off as it did before now does it?

We're heading quickly toward the half-way point of the game time-frame as well! Things should start getting "interesting"!*G*

Remember - the only way you can accomplish any of this is by submitting your entry at: - so submit your entries and read what else is out there!

Voting - Week 9

A few words from clauderainsrm:
Good evening/morning/afternoon or whenever you are reading this!

Sorry for the delay. I was busy writing haikus!*G*

Some of you were probably looking at the three people with immunities to hand out and thinking "Hey, we are down to 3 tribes!" *shakes head* Nope. Still four!

____hejira unfortunately did not meet the deadline and has been eliminated. For the rest of you, it's business as usual.

The contestant with the lowest vote count in each tribe will be eliminated.

The poll opens now and continues until Tuesday November 25, at 1pm EST

If at some point before the end of voting one of the four immunity holders would like to use their extraordinary powers to save someone in danger (note: they can not use it to save themselves) they need to email me at Again, I need to receive that email *before* the deadline! After the fact, that person is out of time and out of luck.

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