November 7th, 2008


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 5

Raise your hand if you like the new user page look.

*looks around* Anyone?

Raise your hand if you want to put whoever came up with the idea on a spit and spin them slowly?

Ah, there are the hands!!!*g*

Maybe people can get on LIVE and talk about it. . . oops. Can't do that for much longer either apparently!!!

So what else is happening out there in the World of Idol?

Everyone get their entries in? Anyone read anything that struck them as "WOW"????
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Week 7 - List o' Shame

Still waiting for posts or byes from the following folks:

____hejira Posted link
8673 Bye Week
bewize Posted link
strobelights Posted link
databomb Bye Week
dizzydog Posted link
emo_snal Posted link
winterberries Posted link
intrepia Posted link
kajel Posted link
marjory Posted link
masterofmusings Posted link
med_kitty Had to drop - sorry to see you go! :(
monkeysugarmama Posted link
norda Posted link
nursemae Posted link
pinkslit Posted link
playmoby I fail.
rapidrabbit (dropped out, oops)
tae_writes Posted link
tijuanagringo Posted link
unsold_capacity Posted link

The last entry I saw was from hexkitten. Help me out here. I have a feeling there are people on this list who shouldn't be and I need to leave for work or I'll be incredibly late.

Links must be posted by Noon EST!!
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Vote! Season 5 Week 7

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It really is all about hope.

This week the contestants hope that they have done enough to earn your vote.

They hope for your support.

For the lowest vote getters in each of the four tribes - that light of hope is about to go out.

The following people have either dropped out or did not get an entry in before the deadline:


Hopefully we'll see you in the Green Room and the Home Game!

You will decide who that is going to be by simply casting a vote for your favorites!!! There are some incredible entries out there, so you don’t have to hope to find some good reading. That’s a guarantee!!!!

Voting starts now and ends on Monday November 10 at 1pm EST.

Tech Support Note: As usual, please email errors to

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