October 13th, 2008


Green Room - Week 4 - Day 1

Hello. Is it the Green Room you're looking for?*G*

Remember you have a little less than an hour to make an impact on who will stay and who will go this week: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/185799.html

How is your week going so far?

In my life I've already gone into a meeting and been told that we are going to asked to take some unpaid time off at the end of the year in order to avoid layoffs. Personally I think it's a pretty fair trade given the state of the economy. It hurts, but not as much as being out of work.

What sacrifices are you making this week or in the near future? And where do you find these sacrifices so people don't miss them? Oh wait. . . um, wrong "sacrifices". . . that's a question for "the other forum".*G*

Topic 4

While we are waiting for the official elimination announcement/run offs to be posted I figured I'll throw the new topic out at you!

How many times have you thought you recognized someone only to find out that you were wrong? How many times have other people thought that of you? Heck, it happens quite often online due to people with icons that look alike.

I bet you've got some stories about that. . .

Which is good because that's the topic:

"I Think I Thought You Were Someone Else" (Mistaken Identity)

Deadline to link your entries back here is Friday October 17th at noon EST. Remember only post your entries here, comments are for the Green Room or kithan will hunt you down!!!*g*
LJI Season 5

Eliminations and Runoffs, Week Three

Wow- the numbers were exceptionally close this week and we're left with runoffs for two tribes!

First, though, we need to say goodbye to three fabulous players from the remaining tribes:
mere_bystander and

It's never easy to say goodbye. You've been great players and you will be missed. Why not play the home game so that we can keep reading your entries?

Now for the runoffs...

Poll #1277945 Runoff Week Three
This poll is closed.

Runoff- Tribe Two- Week Three


Runoff- Tribe Three- Week Three


Polls will remain open until 4:00 pm EDT on Tuesday, October 14. Please take the time to vote for your favorite(s)!

ETA: The poll DID reset and the previous entry DID get deleted- that was to fix an error in a username. Please fill it out again if you had already done so and I send my apologies! Newbie at work!