October 10th, 2008

Tech Support 1
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The List of Shame

*ominous music*

Greetings from a slightly under the weather Tech Support.  I get to post the list because I'm home for at least a few hours this morning.  The following people have yet to link their entries or declare a "Bye":


The last comment I saw on the Topic thread was from marjory .  If you posted and I missed your comment, please let me know.  Thanks.  :)

Green Room - Week 3 - Day 5

Good morning Greenies!

Horrible confession time when I first saw the word I went "what???really???" but it's kind of grown on me as a term for people addicted to the Green Room.

So I'm going to use it for now until something better comes along.


I wasn't feeling very well this morning and so I'm actually at home today. Will this mean that I will stay up and catch up on my reading and various internet activities or fall asleep for the rest of the morning? Heh. . .um. . .*g*


In the last half of the Green Room yesterday I asked a question. I figured I would ask it again today just in case people didn't see it.

Last season I gave out "Gold Stars" to contestants who just plain did something in a given week to "make my day". I have it on the short list of "things to do" for this season but for one reason or another it just hasn't made it in thus far.

That said - if YOU had the power to hand them out, who would be getting Gold Stars so far for making YOUR day and why?


Remember to make everyone's day and post the link to your entry: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/183784.html - I've got to admit there are a lot more people taking "byes" this week than I thought was going to be the case. Either this week is taking a lot out of people, the topic is just difficult for one reason or another for them at this time and people really really enjoy playing without a net for the next few months!!!


How is your net today? Looking secure? A bit frayed around the edges? Structurally unsound with big holes ripped in it? Or just plain "What net???"
Dear LJ
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Vote!! - Season 5, Week 3

A few words from clauderainsrm:
A Moment of Bliss ending in a flurry of voting. That's what we have in store this week!

Who will ended up eliminated? That One.

And that one, and that one. . . five in all. The lowest votes in each of the five newly realigned tribes.

Yes, you just read that.

I completely realigned the tribes. There is no more "fans vs favorites"/"newbies vs veterans" you are one big happy Idol family now striving to keep your own head above water and get rid of some cousin that you only ever see at reunions and never really talked to anyway. Yes, just like in a real family!!!!*g*

Obviously some of them are marked with the fact that they took a bye week and so votes will not count. It's much easier and less confusing than if they were taken off our roles completely for the week and then put back in next week. Trust me, it's *much* easier this way!*g* You can vote for them all you want, it just won't actually count.

As always, follow your bliss and vote for your favorite entries and keep your favorites in the running to become The Next LJ Idol!!!

You can vote for as many entries as you want.

The following folks failed to turn in an entry or declare a bye and unfortunately are eliminated from the competition this week:


Sorry to see you guys go, hope you can stick around in the Green Rooms/Home Game!

The white courtesy zone is for loading and unloading passengers only. No parking in the white courtesy zone.

Um... let's see, what else did I need to tell you?

Oh yeah, voting starts now and will end on Monday October 13th at noon EST. The world is waiting. Good luck. Travel Safe. GO!

Tech Support Note: Your eyes aren't fooling you. I did post this once already but noticed an error so I deleted it to correct it. Hopefully that was the only error. If there are others, I'll just apologize in advance. :)

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