October 2nd, 2008


Green Room - Week 2 - Day 4 (now with translations)

I have some running around to do today so I took the day off from work. (Translation: I just woke up!)

I did some last minute Tribe shifts based on last week's performance. (Translation: If you did really well last week you have most likely been "moved up a weight class".)

When I was messing with the polls and muttering to myself about suesniffsglue I noticed that the plan to not introduce byes in the first two rounds has actually made sure we got out of the box faster as far as eliminations go. (Translation: Congratulations Top 175!)

Notice what I said in that last section? "In the first two rounds". Yes, I am admitting that the "bye week" is coming back as of Week 3!! Not sure what that is? Ask and I'm sure someone will tell you, or stick around and I'll be explaining it a little later! (Translation: You won't have to write something *every* week for 6 months. . .)

Have you been reading the entries this week? Wow. Just wow. There have been some really good ones, some that have made people upset, some that have revealed a lot about the writer and often the reader, some that have outright challenged and some that were excuses to show off cute bacteria.*g* But in the end the ones that I have gotten to have had the same reaction - they have made people stop, think or react. Heh, sometimes they might have missed a step.*g* But there has some really good conversation. (Translation: Read the entries!!!!)

If you haven't got your entry in yet - make sure you post your entry link at http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/180492.html before tomorrow at noon EST (Translation: Get a move on buster!!!!)

Hope you guys have a good day. (Translation: Have a good day)

Happy Birthday/Unbirthday to rose_idol (Translation: I wish I had known it was your birthday earlier when I wrote the post, but I'll put it up here anyway)