September 30th, 2008


Green Room - Week 2 - Day 2

Good morning!

After an evening of working on a Plan B bail out plan and being a maverick I'm completely exhausted!

But someone had to do it.

Ok. Here's the plan. We are going to pass around penny jars to everyone in the world and they throw in whatever is in their pockets! The money will either be used to pay to bail out the global economy OR cookies. Lets be honest - probably cookies.*g*

Remember to get in your entries:

and to have a good day!

(See, you've been *told* to have a good day. So now you have to - or be eliminated!!!! Heh.)

edit to addSpeaking of eliminated - don't forget the run offs. We have a couple of SHOOT OUTS over there:

Eliminations and run offs

The run off poll is closed and it was close but we must now unfortunately say goodbye to deuceloosely! I don't think anyone would have seen that one coming when we started the season!

The other poll though was a tie!! *falls down*

Which means we have another run off to contend with - this time the poll is limited to Community Members Only.

Voting starts now and will continue until tomorrow Wednesday October 1st at 1 Pm EST.

Voting cancelled - see Green Room Week 2 Day 3