September 25th, 2008


Green Room - Week 1 - Day 4

Good morning and welcome to Thursday aka The Day the New Season of Survivor starts!!!!

Survivor starts tonight. The Amazing Race starts on Sunday - and oh yeah deadline for Topic 1 of a little something called LJ IDOL (maybe you've heard of it) is Friday at noon EST

Make sure you have your entry in on time:

Hopefully people are reading ahead - otherwise you will have *a lot* of reading to do this weekend. Trust me though, there are some really impressive entries out there. The talent pool of this season is *deep*.

I guess I'd better put out the buffet now.

*opens up fridge* Um. I have some butter. Anyone want some maple syrup? *looks closer at dish in the back to tell what it is* Maybe we should pass on putting that out.

I'm sure someone will come around with some food.


So what's going on with you?

How are you celebrating the tonight's start of the new seasons of Survivor, The Office and 30 Rock???? (Ok, so I'm probably the only one *celebrating* them.*G*) Ok - um, How are you celebrating "day before week 1 deadline?"