September 16th, 2008


Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 2

Good morning/evening/When are you people reading this anyway????*G*

Well one day down and the rest of the week to go with signups and we are currently standing at about 85!! Not bad for a day.*G*

A little over half of those people are brand new. Which if you know me at all you know that one of the reasons I do this is the overwhelming sadistic urge to eliminate people week after week finding new and interesting people and discovering writers that I personally enjoy reading!

Hopefully everyone will take the time to make the "newbies" feel welcome. I wish I had more time to sit around and talk to welcome each of you individually, but until I do - Thank you so much for showing up! For that matter, thanks to the veterans who have come back! Always nice to see old friends too. (you're not as shiny as the new ones though, heh, you're old!*G*)

Hope you all have a good day.