June 4th, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 29 - Day 3

Good morning.

I'm not quite awake yet. Hopefully I will be later. Maybe not though.*g*

I did want to make sure that I (1) reminded the contestants that today was the deadline for Stage 3 and (2) said Happy Birthday kittenboo!


So what are you up to today?


FYI, because people asked me to announce when we got to this point - we are now *500* comments away from 50,000!!! WILL IT BE YOU????
lj idol

Home Game Challenge Part 3

No lovely words from tru2myart today, but I do want to thank everyone who is coming out to support Idol and the Final Four by posting their own entries (as well as going out and commenting like crazy to their entries!). I appreciate it, and I know she's been overwhelmed by the outpouring of warmth toward Idol as a result.

So, as the deadline for stage 3 looms, and the one for stage 4 is about to launch, feel free to post a link to your entries here!
lj idol

Topics Week 29 - Stage Four (final stage)

People said it couldn't be done - and here the Final Four are to prove that those people were wrong. It not only CAN be done, it can be done in a breath-taking manner.

Once again, all four of them not only beat the deadline, they kick it a couple times as they step over it's remains.

There aren't any choices this time - the topics are the ones that are "left".

But here they are:

The topics are:

Section A:
Home - kittenboo/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow/chite
My Greatest Accomplishment - chite/kittenboo/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow
Fire - porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow/chite/kittenboo
Memorial - tulip_in_yellow/chite/kittenboo/porcelain72

Section B:
Never Have I Ever - kittenboo/chite/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
Organization - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/kittenboo/chite
The Thing of It is - porcelain72/kittenboo/chite/tulip_in_yellow
My Perfect Day - chite/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/kittenboo

Section C:
One Lump Or Two - chite/tulip_in_yellow/kittenboo/porcelain72
Running Out - porcelain72/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/chite
Favorite Book and Why - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite/kittenboo
Comfort -kittenboo/chite/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow

Section D:
"Do over" (previous topic redux other than "open topic" which you can not do, if you need a list I can send it to you) - porcelain72/chite/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow
Current Events - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite/kittenboo
The Biggest Crisis Facing the World Today - chite/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
What I Wish Someone Would Ask Me- kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite

The deadline is... *drum roll please* Friday June 6th at 8PM EDT.

I'll see you there.

Good luck.