April 7th, 2008

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Green Room - Week 22 - Day 1

Oh man, have you seen the polls???


Make sure you are reading the entries, voting, and getting the word out because right now this is anybody's game!

I know that *I'm* going to be watching until the last second! Well, ok, I'll sleep and then go to work, but whenever I can I'll be watching!*g*

So what is on your agenda for this week?

edit to add Happy Birthday amenquohi!! Hope it's a wonderful one.
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There's nothing more to be said than that. Any week where superhappytime emerges as a power house vote-getter is one that's going to be full of surprises, and this week kept me (and everyone else) on the edge of our seats!

In the end though, the 3 people leaving us today are:

and baxaphobia

I'll be saying my goodbyes to you guys a little later, in an edit, but I'm just going to say this one hit hard. Seeing those numbers there at the end, and not knowing who was going to go, I realized that I don't want *any* of you to go at this point. *sigh*

Thank you to all of you.

edit to add The two "roses" are gone. That's the first thing that popped into my head when I saw the first part of the result. Because on day 1, and until elva_undine changed her user name (fairly early on) I kept getting the two of you confused.
Which seems silly now, but there you go.

The hard part of writing these things is that it's easy to say "We're losing 3 of my favorites", because at this point it would be fairly difficult for me *not* to end up saying that regardless of the outcome.
That said, I'll attempt to say something else:

elva_undine really has that magic touch of weaving wonder into her sentences. On that, I always thought she was a bit overshadowed by the "big gun" of furiosa, because they tapped the same vein (to my view)and so a lot of her stuff slipped below the radar. But go back and read her stuff, even if you read it before. She's mentioned being a bit burnt out, and I think that was what prevented the final push from putting her over the top, but I hope that after some well deserved rest we will be seeing more of her around these parts, and some more of that magic in her turn of phrase.

rosepurr always brought to me a sense of place. Which probably makes no sense at all, especially in light of the wanderlust she's mentioned, but both in her entries and in the Green Room she always seemed to draw everything back into the feeling of belonging somewhere.
Again, maybe that's just me. I know she's a good writer. Everyone else knows she's a good writer. But, I dunno, seeing her around is down right comforting at times. Which is something that is worth a whole lot more, in my mind, to be able to get that sense from the words someone is typing onto a screen hundreds of miles away.

baxaphobia. Not even sure where to begin with this one. So I'll admit that when I was going over the results, I had to do them twice. Because my eyes went straight over her user name and didn't register that she was the third lowest. I didn't expect it, and I don't think anyone else did either. There was quite a bit of speculation in fact that she was going to manage to win this thing. I've seen a few "odds sheets" and she was one of the few who was a strong contender on ALL of them. Not sure if that makes things easier or harder really. But it's got to be said.
I've heard that she's a "turd" apparently, but I'm not sure I believe it. What I've seen is an amazing writer and a absolutely solid individual that I've been honored to have around.
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Topic 22

Another one word topic. Why? *shrugs* Because it says it right here on my list!

As usual, take the topic and make it your own. If there's one thing this week's results should tell you, NO ONE is safe. Which means everyone has to step up their game.

This week's topic is "Walls".

The deadline to link your entry back to this post is Friday April 11th at 1pm EDT.