March 22nd, 2008

lj idol

Green Room - Week 20 - Weekend Edition

So what are you guys up to this Easter weekend?

edit to add, a lot I was thinking about something over the past couple of days, and I had the opportunity (a few minutes ago) to do the math.

This is round 20 of Season 4!!! I know, roll your eyes. You knew it was Round 20, but there's one thing you don't realize about Round 20.

Season Three of Round 20 was kithan's first day on the job.

You think it's tough to be me? Imagine having to PUT UP WITH ME! I'm now on my third assistant for Idol and my fourth assistant. What most people don't realize is that I ran a fanfic site for YEARS. Which means all of the backbiting and maneuvering behind the scenes is fairly old hat for me. I've seen that delicate balance you have to maintain, and have, over the years, developed that time honored paranoia that comes from anyone who's seen these things go on. I try to maintain it, most of the time it's just a lot of ranting.*G*

kithan's done a good job of not only putting up with you loons, but the biggest nutjob of them all - me!!! Dealing with me is not a task I envy!I try not to do it most days.*g*

So happy anniversary to kithan, and btw, she is only *5 rounds* away from being tied for having the Idol assistant job the longest!!( my technical assistant over on the fanfic site held the job for YEARS, and is doing it for my successor, the man is a saint.*g* So it's not that record, but it is an Idol record!!) If she doesn't kill me first!!!*G*