March 21st, 2008

lj idol

Week 19 results

They call it Good Friday.

But around here it always ends up being "Black Friday" when voting comes around. Usually it's "Black Monday", but you get what I'm saying. . .

With desert_rose withdrawing, we were scheduled to lose four, and what a diverse four they were.

ladyozma - who was, if memory serves, the first person to get to "3 Gold Stars". Her presence throughout this season has been extremely supportive and welcoming to new faces.

gonadsandstrife - I've spent the season going back and forth. He was *sure* he was irritating me (and everyone else) in the beginning. But that actually took awhile.*G* And just when I thought "ok, he was right", BAM, he would post something and I realized that I kind of liked having him around.

adpaz - One of Idol biggest supporters, from Season 1 on. She finally played and she did herself proud. Also the person who has been in the competition that I have known the longest. (We met in 1996!)

ewok_626 - oh the many sides of da 'wok. Friend to all, bearer of food into the Green Room. What most of you don't know though is that before this season ever started, she was one of the people who talked me into having one. She of course had declared herself the winner.*G* But if it wasn't for her constant "when is Season 4? Come on Gary, when is it???" we might not be here today.

Thank you to all 5 of you. The good thing is that I'm pretty sure that I don't need to bother to say "I hope you stick around".*g*
lj idol

Topic 20

Welcome to the new topic.

I promised something big, something never done before in Idol. . .

This week’s topic is “OPEN TOPIC”.

I know, you’re looking at me like “But Gary, we’ve done open topics before”. But if you noticed, I NEVER said that the TOPIC was what was big.

What is big is the stakes, and who will be making the decision.
This is the going to be the single largest cut ever. I’m not going to say how deep, but it’s pretty deep. It’s going to be painful.

Who is making the decision?

Does anyone remember back in the first couple weeks, back when people were still complaining about “Why aren’t there judges????” and I said we did that one round last year, but that I wouldn’t do it again, unless I found a way to make it work.

*smile* Never insist on something. You might get it.

Well, they aren’t “judges” per se. They are the Gatekeepers.

Your fate is in their hands.

Four hand-selected individuals whose opinions I value quite highly, with diverse backgrounds and distinctive writing voices who have skill at their craft that is well respected. They will read the entries. They will cast votes for their favorites. The people with the most votes will go forward.

No public voting. No community voting. No Gold Stars. Heck, I don’t even get a vote!!!

The only thing that stands between you and the Home Game is bringing it. If you’ve been saving up your best entry for the right moment, THIS IS THE RIGHT MOMENT.

You’re not getting through with strategy. You’re not getting through with your friends list.

Your only chance to getting to the next round is sheer skill, and maybe a little luck.

So make sure this “Open Topic” is a good one.

Good luck.

Deadline to post your entries here in this thread is Thursday March 27th at 1 pm EDT.

(and remember, this thread is ONLY FOR the link. Take the screams of anguish over to the Green Room.*g*)